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Chardonnay Cat

Hello Everyone..

I came across a young stray cat whilst having dinner in an al-fresco restaurant..

She jumped onto an empty seat next to me and just sat there watching me have my dinner..

She was a pretty good cat cos she didn’t make any attempts to swipe my dinner and ate only when I put morsels of food in front of her..

As she looked fine, I didn’t feel the urgency to catch her and bring her home..

That was until she suddenly sneezed.. and again.. and again.. and again..

It was only then that I noticed, upon closer inspection, that she had the initial symptoms of cat flu..

Now, in case you’re not aware of it, unlike human flu.. cat flu is potentially fatal to cats..

So I started cracking my head on how to transport her home.. and asked the restaurant establishment for a box..

The waiters looked around.. and came back with a.. wine box..

And so this was how little Chardonnay came home with me that fateful night..

She didn’t make a single peep the whole journey home..

As you can see, she even made herself comfy in the box..

Magic says.. ‘That’s an odd bottle of Chardonnay (white wine) you have there..’

By the way, guys.. Chardonnay is up for adoption.. Please email me at to meet sweet Chardonnay..

Thanks, everyone..


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Blame The Cat

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Wanna Live in a Toilet?

This is cruelty..

Putting a fish or any living being for that matter in an environment that is way too small..

Everytime I see something like this, I ask the owner.. ‘How would you like to live in your toilet?’

Sadly, most people just go.. ‘Huh?’..

Kindness and consideration for other beings is sorely lacking in this world that we live in..

Sad, don’t you think?

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Magic Supervising

This is Magic supervising the preparation of his dinner..

Magic says.. “Speed it up, will ya..”

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The Path Of Pain

These kittens were found abandoned in a box under a tree.. totally dehydrated and dying from thirst and starvation..

How is it that so many refuse to neuter their pets under the label of ‘kesian’ but have no problems leaving these innocent and helpless kittens to die a slow death?

These kittens have been hungry for so long.. that their stomachs contracted and could not take in any food..

Please, people.. PLEASE NEUTER YOUR PETS!!

You have the ability to make the world a better place.. for your fellow human beings and for these helpless furry beings..

There is no excuse to knowingly allow another being to suffer because of your actions or inactions..

Please take a long look at these poor kittens and know that someone consciously chose for them a path of slow and painful death..

And that someone could have prevented all this pain..

If only they had neutered their pet..

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Kung Hei Fatt Choi

Once upon a Chinese New Year eve.. we received news that someone came across four little helpless puppies by the side of a busy road..

The fifth puppy was already run over by a speeding car..

Mommy was nearby but ran when her puppies were being scooped off the dangerous roadside..

Several calls were made and a little group gathered to try to rescue mommy as well..

We waited till dark when traffic had subsided..

That was one CNY with no CNY dinner for either of us..

Amazingly, we managed to locate the mommy dog after searching for a short while with torchlights..

The vet in the group was able to get close enough to sedate mommy doggie..

As the clock struck midnight that Chinese New Year, we were able to reunite mommy and her four puppies in a safe environment..

Please meet..

Ah Kung, Ah Hei, Ah Fatt, Ah Choi..

Not forgetting mommy, the Woof of Prosperity..

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Indoor Outdoor

Hi Everyone..

Please try your best to keep all your pets indoors..

I have just received information that the local councils have been catching many cats as well.. and they do not differentiate between pets and truly stray animals..

Now, think about that for a moment..

Which would be easier to get close to?

Your pets, who has less fear of human beings.. or the homeless stray cats?

I think the answer is pretty obvious..

So please keep your pets within the compounds of your home..

Do not allow your pets to roam unsupervised..

Prevention is better than cure..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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