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The Prophecy Story

I am one who would stop traffic for an animal…

And I have a story to tell…

One fine evening while driving along the Old Airport Road, my friend accidentally hit a cat that suddenly ran in front of the car.

He panicked. I panicked. We panicked. We thought for sure that the cat would have died from the impact but decided to stop and check anyway.

The cat, an orange tabby, was lying very still in the middle of the slow lane. I cautiously approached and looked at him, searching for any signs of movement, but there was nothing. Then, against my initial desire to just walk away thinking that the accident was fatal to the cat, I crouched next to him and placed my palm on his chest… and felt his heart beating weakly.

I immediately carried him into the car and rushed to find a vet. But where was I to find a vet at that time of the day? It was already eight in the evening. Dinner was forgotten and replaced by thoughts of panic, fear, guilt and sadness. Panic that we would not be able to find a vet. Fear for the poor animal’s life. Guilt for what is done to an innocent being. All wrapped up in a bubble of sadness.

We immediately drove to the nearest area with veterinarian clinics that I knew of or have seen, Subang Jaya… I prayed and hoped that at least one clinic is still open. I made many calls (thank goodness for handphones!) along the way asking for help. My poor mum, (bless her soul) went through the numbers in the Yellow Pages looking for a clinic still opened at that time. Unfortunately, most of the clinics that we drove to were already closed.

Desperate, we even stopped at the normal clinics asking for help. Please help, I pleaded. The answer I got? Sorry, doctors don’t do animals. I can’t help but feel that they weren’t really sorry at all.

The poor cat, thinking that he was going to die, emptied himself on the pile of newspaper he was lying on in the car. They do that when they think they are dying, y’know.

After an hour of being on the road and very numbed by the incident, we decided to stop at a pet shop in Taipan and ask for help. Miraculously, the owner knew of a veterinarian clinic that is opened 24 hours but it was located in Ampang. An immediate call confirmed that and off we went, from Taipan, USJ Subang Jaya to Ampang.

Anyway, to cut the story short, the orange tabby is now a plump and healthy cat living in the vicinity of Subang Jaya. Just call out to him by his preferred name, Prophecy, and he might just acknowledge your presence.

Looking back, I was amazed that all the other cars chose to avoid him and moved to the fast lane. I was also amazed that no one honked. But then no one stopped either. I guess to most, he was just a stray, a dead stray.

So, when I read the article by Helen Ang, My Cats, My Babies (Sunday Star January 19th 2003) my heart reached out to her for I know exactly how she felt. To see a helpless animal suffering in pain. How can one not stop to at least try to help? The sad part is that many, if not most, do not care and thus did not. I have something to say to and about those people but that’s another story.

To all those out there who has run over an animal, know that chances are that it did not die immediately and consciously fool yourselves that its death was painless and instant. Do not lull yourself into a guiltless night thinking that there was nothing else that you could have done or that the victim will be able to fix itself. (I actually heard a friend give this excuse once). It was very likely that the victim of your act suffered a very painful and slow death. And there is no excuse to not, or at least try, fix what you did wrong. No excuse at all…


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