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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

We seriously need more guys like Paul Klusman and T.J. Wingard in this world..

Enjoy their highly entertaining videos..

Adopt a cat today!


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Crime in Malaysia

Malaysia is currently experiencing a crime pandemic and anybody who says otherwise is not living in the same reality as the rest of us are. We hear and read of various crimes being committed on a daily basis. Criminals inflict considerable damage not just on the victims’ persons and possessions but on their psyche as well.

Due to the increasing number of crimes, too many are even afraid of stepping outside their respective homes now.. Unfortunately, one is not safe in their own home either nowadays.

The four robbers who bent the grille door in a matter of seconds, as shown below, did so at approximately 10pm knowing that the residents were inside the house. The scary part was that they had neither fear nor care of the fact that the residents were still awake either.

Home alarms may be a useful deterrent but it’s useless if the perpetrator already have you at ransom. The home owner may be forced to disarm the alarm when held at knifepoint or if family members threatened. Also, many don’t seem to take a ringing house alarm as seriously now.

CCTV is also not very useful especially when the criminals are wearing a cap or face masks or a helmet with visor.. except to let you know when and how it happened.. Furthermore, many burglars have learned to seek out the CCTVs and attempt to destroy, cover up, push away or even spray paint the CCTV.

To me, the best form of deterrent as well as protection.. is a pet dog. Of course, it’s no absolute guarantee.. but compared to an alarm, CCTVs or door grilles.. a house with a dog (or two) in it is the least attractive to a robber..

In the video below, the girl was really lucky cos the robber changed his mind when her pet dog inside the car started barking at him.

I was almost a victim of a 2am home intrusion attempt as well. My dog, which was adopted from a pound, managed to foil the robbery attempt when she barked at the intruder furiously. The dark-skinned male trespasser was already perched on the perimeter wall and ready to jump into my house compound.. but he changed his mind when he saw my dog.

I have heard her bark many times.. but never like that night.. She was so fierce.. that you’ll just know that something is wrong.. We immediately jumped out of bed when her barking woke us up and just in time to see the burglar turn around, jumping off the wall and running off..

A dog won’t and cannot be switched off as easily as an alarm.. and my dog didn’t stop barking till the would-be robber was out of sight.. We also now know that she has got a different bark for different levels of urgency..

Hence, in this ruthless day and time.. a dog is truly your best friend..

However, if you’re gonna adopt a dog.. please be a good pet owner and not just adopt for purely selfish reasons. A dog is a living being that needs constant love, care and maintenance.. But one thing I can assure you is that.. the more the dog loves you, the more protective they are of you..

So give a homeless dog a home today.. and be protected at the same time..

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Glass Walls – Eating Without Thinking..

If you love your meaty meals.. you should know at least where it came from.. and how it was produced..

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More Animal Abusers

Update: The original video was deleted. The replacement video above was made by “Kiangalaxy” to show the vast difference in the world of a dog who is loved and another who is abused.

If you’d like to view the original video, please go to this link..

These abusive scums put Malaysians to shame..

Thanks to concerned Netizens, it was revealed that the dog’s name is Sushi.

Poor Sushi belongs to Doreen Loo.. who proudly exclaimed in her Facebook account that her puppy can “stand”..

The guy abusing the poor dog is supposedly her boyfriend, an Allan Tan.. but he has denied he’s the one in the video..

Regardless, people like Doreen Loo should be banned from having any form of pets.. EVER! She should be protecting her pets.. Not allow them to be tormented and abused in such a manner..

Someone should try smacking the two around like they did to the dog as well..

They are worse than the scums beneath the rocks..

Pictures courtesy of Facebook’s “Get Dog Abuser Doreen Loo & Allan Tan into JAIL”.

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Animal Abusers

I have to admit.. I am happy..

I am happy that someone saw and made a big deal of it..

I am happy that this damned animal abuser got a taste of his own medicine..

I am happy that many cared for the poor abused animal’s plight..

I am happy that they cared enough to do something about it..

I am happy that there was action as well, and not just mere words..

I am so happy that it brought tears to my eyes..

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I’m A Kitty Cat

Hi All..

I believe many of you would have seen this video ages ago..

I have to say I absolutely love it.. despite its simplicity.. and the tune is awfully catchy..

To those to have seen it and to those who have not..


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Tommy’s Tale

Through the eyes of Roderick Kar, this heart warming video gives us a glimpse into the world of Mary and Peter, two animal lovers in Hong Kong.. in their attempt to care for a stray cat diagnosed with FIV..

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