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In Pets We Laugh


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An Animal Rescuer’s Nightmare

Hello Everyone..

We at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project try to keep track of the animals adopted out by keeping in contact with the adopters..

Obviously, by doing so.. we get to see a myriad of human behaviours and thoughts towards pets in general as well..

The conversation below, via Yahoo Messenger, is an example of nightmares that some adopters give us..

adopter: hey the cats are very active
sccarfs: how?
adopter: run here and there
adopter: i tot once potong they behave
sccarfs: hyperactive?
adopter: yep
sccarfs: both of em?
adopter: yup
sccarfs: that’s odd..
sccarfs: could it be the home environment?

adopter: emmm
adopter: i dont want em anymore
sccarfs: what do you feed em?
adopter: i want docile cats
sccarfs: you should have gotten girls..
sccarfs: girls are generally much more quiet..

adopter: yep
adopter: how ah?
sccarfs: you wanna exchange?
adopter: with a flat nose?
adopter: can i just let em go ?
adopter: some rich housing estate
sccarfs: definitely not..
sccarfs: i’ll never forgive you if you do that..

adopter: ok.
adopter: ill just slowly poison em
sccarfs: just send them back to us if you do not want them anymore..
adopter: errrr
adopter: do i get my money back? huhuhuhu
sccarfs: what money?
sccarfs: we didn’t take a single cent from you..

adopter: hehehehehe
adopter: oh yeah
sccarfs: anyway, i gotta go..
adopter: ok
adopter: take care missy
sccarfs: let me know when you wanna send them back to us..
adopter: see 1st la

With a big Sigh!

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Words of the Buddha

Words of the Buddha

“As I am, so are others;
as others are, so am I.”
Having thus identified self and others,
harm no one nor have them harmed.

Sutta Nipata 705

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Intolerable Cruelty

On the 29th of June 2006, the Seremban Municipal Council enforcement officers barged into a private home and turned it into a killing field..

These officers broke into the sanctuary of Mr Eng Her Sun and murdered his pets in cold blood, in their very home..

Imagine his overwhelming panic and fear.. for the lives of the animals he considers family..

Consider the outright infringement of his rights and the lack of basic human decency..

There is simply no excuse or justifications for such treatment towards a person..

No excuse at all..


The enforcement officers thought nothing of entering Mr Eng’s private bedrooms and shooting away at dogs which were hiding underneath the beds..

I wonder what the “vicious dogs”, as claimed by the officers, were doing underneath the beds..

But then again, who would not be vicious if violent strangers with weapons-to-kill force their way into your abode?

Would you have just sat back, be it two legged or four legged, and allow such atrocities to take place in your home?

Imagine the damage to Mr Eng’s mental and emotional wellbeing, not to mention his property as well as his personal items are now drenched with the blood of the pets he so loved..


This picture was taken after most of the blood were already washed away..

Imagine how it was right after the killings..


The enforcement officers saw it as their right to damage the property of Mr Eng to massacre his pets..

These officers obviously know nothing of basic human rights and decency..


Notice the bullets used from the size of the bullet cartridges left behind..

All these unnecessary trauma and cruelty just to kill several dogs when there are way bigger issues that needs the Council’s immediate attention..


So much blood everywhere..

Is this necessary?


Mr Eng in his attempt to get away with the few of his beloved pets that he managed to rescue..

In his panic, he apparently accidently hit a parked motorcycle belonging to one of the officers that was crucifying his family..

The Seremban Municipal Council turned around and accused him of being aggresive..

Now.. think about that for a bit.. a bunch of strangers use force to enter your home with intention to kill your loved ones.. and you are expected to calmly let them in and do their sick deeds..

Does that make sense to you?


And this is the man who says it’s ok.. and that all the crimes and atrocities that the Seremban Municipal Council unleashed towards the 66 year old man were justified..

Just because Mr Eng had too many dogs??


Owner of 25 dogs tries to save pets from death
The Star, 30th June 2006

SEREMBAN: In an attempt to save his 25 dogs from Seremban Municipal Council enforcement officers, a dog owner packed 10 of them into his car and tried to drive off.

While reversing his car, he allegedly hit the motorcycle of one of the officers who had gone to his terrace house in Taman Desa Rasah early yesterday to nab the animals.

Eng Her Sun, 66, said he was just trying to save his dogs when he drove out with the animals.

However, he was unable to save 13 of his other pets from the dog shooters.

“They (the dogs) are my best friends. Is it wrong for me to keep them in my own house? Now, I have lost all my happiness,” said Eng, who was near tears.

He claimed the officers had trespassed into his home and was contemplating legal action against them.

Council president Abdul Halim Abdul Latif, however, said his officers were acting on a court order. They were accompanied by four dog shooters from the state Veterinary Services Department and two police officers.

The situation, he added, became chaotic when the dog owner turned aggressive.

He said yesterday’s operation was carried out after the owner defied a six-month grace period given to him to move the animals to another area. The council had received a court order on Dec 20 last year to cull all 25 canines in the house.

Abdul Halim said the council had no choice but to act in view of the mounting complaints received from nearby residents on the disturbance caused by, and foul stench from, the canines.


Owner distraught over cruel killing of 13 dogs
Arni Abdul Razak
The New Straits Times, 1st July 2006

SEREMBAN: As animal lovers howled with outrage over the killing of 13 dogs by the municipal council at a house here, questions arose as to whether the dogs were indeed a nuisance.

The Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) maintains that exasperated neighbours complained about the dogs, but a neighbour said they had got used to the dogs and no one complained.

And the owner of the dogs, Eng Her Sun, grieved over his lost “children” at his Taman Rasah Jaya terrace house yesterday.

Eng said: “My house became a killing field. There was blood everywhere. I not only lost my dogs but I also had to spend hours cleaning the blood. This is so inhumane. Those dogs were like my children.”

Eng plans to write to the Prime Minister to complain about the manner in which Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) officers entered his house and killed 13 of his 26 dogs on Thursday.

A team of enforcement officers from the MPS entered Eng’s house, and shot 13 of his dogs.

Eng, who lived with his sister and 26 dogs, managed to rescue nine of them. The other four were unhurt because they hid under the cupboard during the shooting.

The odd-job worker, who currently has four dogs staying with him, said he took the other nine to his rented house in Kuala Sawah, near Mambau, located about two km from Taman Rasah Jaya.

“When the authorities told me to keep my dogs elsewhere, I rented a wooden house for RM140 a month. For six months, I lived with three or four dogs at the terrace house. The others were left in Kuala Sawah.

“However, about three weeks ago, a neighbour there told me that MPS officers had been watching the house, and had even threatened to shoot them.

“That was why I brought them to stay with me. I never expected it to end this way,” said a distraught Eng.

The MPS, however, had another story. Council president Abdul Halim Abdul Latif said the officers had been watching the house in Kuala Sawah, and found it to be empty.

“Eng didn’t leave the dogs at the wooden house. All 26 of them were staying with him and his sister at the terrace house,” he said.

He added that the council had received numerous complaints about Eng and his dogs over the years.

“All we want is for him to keep his dogs elsewhere and to be more considerate towards his neighbours. They can’t tolerate the bad smell and incessant barking anymore,” he said.

Commenting on the killing, Abdul Halim said the officers had no choice but to shoot the dogs because they (the officers) were being attacked.

“Eng wouldn’t co-operate, so we had to break into the house. When the dogs realised our presence, they began attacking us. We initially wanted to tranquillise the dogs, but had to resort to shooting them,” he said.

The story changed again where Eng’s neighbours were concerned.

Neighbour Yusnita Mohd Yusof, 35, said none of her neighbours had complained about the dogs.

“The dogs never made much noise, and usually barked when someone was standing outside the house or provoked,” she said.

Yusnita, who has been living here for five years, said children sometimes threw firecrackers at the dogs during festive occasions just to see how the dogs reacted.

“Even when the owner took the dogs out for walks, he would clean after them,” she said.

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