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Rest in Peace, Sabrina

Dear Sabrina..

May you rest in peace..

At last, you’re free of this world’s unending pain, cruelty and suffering..

Thanks again for caring.. and for giving so much of yourself..

I wish you peace and serenity from now onwards..

For always,


Animal rescuer Yeap dies

PETALING JAYA: One of the country’s pioneer and renowned animal rescuers Sabrina Yeap has passed away at the Sungai Buloh Hospital due to leukaemia.

Yeap, who is the founder of animal sanctuary Furry Friends Farm (FFF), was 49.

According to her friend Wendy Goh, Yeap had been unwell for about a week but did not go to the hospital due to her heavy schedule.

“She went to FFF as usual on Monday and one of the volunteers noticed that she looked very ill and took her to hospital,” said Goh.

Yeap slipped into coma the same night and died without regaining consciousness.

Yeap, who was an animal inspector with the Selangor Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) before setting up FFF, played a pivotal role in rescuing dogs dumped on a mangrove island by Pulau Ketam residents a few years ago.

She had also initiated the Dr Dog animal-assisted therapy programme in Malaysia, which was formulated by internationally-renowned animal activist and founder of Animals Asia Foundation Jill Robinson.

Thanks to Yeap, the dogs trained by FFF under the Dr Dog programme are now actively used as therapy dogs to bring cheer to special children and the elderly.

Orphaned after both her parents died in a car accident when she was only a month old, Yeap grew up in a temple.

Although she had no blood relatives, Yeap is survived by many loyal friends.

Her funeral is being sponsored by NV Multi Asia Sdn Bhd, which owns the Nirvana Memorial Park.

A NV Multi Asia spokesman said the company decided to sponsor Yeap’s funeral due to her contribution towards animal welfare.

“She is a special lady and we want to do our part in giving her a good send-off,” said the spokesman.

Friends can pay their last respects to Yeap at Parlour No. 13 at the Nirvana Memorial Centre in Jalan Sg Besi from 2pm today until Friday morning.

The cremation is scheduled at 10am on Friday at the Nirvana Memorial Park in Shah Alam and her ashes will be interned at the Semenyih Nirvana Memorial Park.

For details, call Goh at 012-238 1970 or Myza Nordin at 016-371 7692.

Source: The Star


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Team Melissa & Najah

Hello Everyone..

We at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project would like to applaud Team Melissa and Najah for their care and dedication towards improving the plight of the stray animals..

They began their animal rescue work only end of last year but they have rescued over twenty cats within that short period of time.. and that takes a great deal of sacrifice..

Their concern for the stray animals and the level of responsibility towards all in their care is truly admirable..

Melissa and Najah.. you guys are great!!

And Melissa and Najah has demonstrated that YOU can do it too.. if you care..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Damsels in Distress

Hello Everyone..

Yesterday.. we at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project received a distress call from Sabrina of SPCA..

The plan to send the animals rescued and neutered under the Friends of Felix Program to Noah’s Ark in Johor has fallen through.

In case you guys are not aware of it.. Noah’s Ark is not a full fledged animal sanctuary.

Noah’s Ark IS doing a good thing but to be able to run effectively, they need to charge a monthly fee for every animal that is sent in.

So anyway, poor Sabrina had to run around finding temporary homes for the animals already neutered so that they could fully heal and recuperate before releasing them.. a first for them..

Therefore, as of yesterday.. we now have FIVE additional cats to care for that WE at SCCARFS PCP hope are able to re-home before SPCA takes them back..

Work like this is very challenging.. and is difficult most times..

None of us at SCCARFS PCP gets paid to do this.

Neither does the volunteers of SPCA or any other such organisation.

We care and we give simply because we want to.. and we are aware of the ups and downs of such an undertaking.. but we still do it willingly..

With that.. WE at SCCARFS salute Sabrina and E-Ching for their personal care and dedication towards the stray animal population..

Their care and sacrifice for the animals would put MOST of us to shame.. for most people would pale in comparison in acts where and when it truly matters..

Think about it, everyone..


Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Joan of Cats

Hello Everyone..

Yesterday, the team at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project visited a lady by the name of Joan F in the TTDI vicinity.

Joan is currently caring for over forty cats in her house and another thirty or so outside her home… all by herself!!

Joan is now 58 years old and going 59 real soon.

So.. we at SCCARFS have pledged to assist Joan find homes for her lovely cats so that she can retire and migrate to Australia where her family is.

Yup, everyone.. Joan is here simply because of her beloved pets.. and she is here alone because she chose to care for the animals that she has rescued.

THIS is the true meaning of sacrifice..

This is the definition of the word “giving” at the highest level..

Joan’s cats are absolutely gorgeous.. and are like little puppies.. They’re huge!!

So, to all those who love BIG cats.. do keep a look-out as to when the cats will be moved over to our hideaway for adoption..

And of course, if you would like to adopt a cat simply to help Joan.. that would be great.. and we at SCCARFS would be grateful..

Thanks, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Amy and Ruth

Hello Everyone..

Yesterday.. I met these two truly amazing ladies, Amy and Ruth.

They currently care for approximately 80 cats and kittens AND 9 dogs, all on their own!

I am in awe of their constant and daily personal sacrifices for their animals.

We at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project SALUTE Amy and Ruth of Semenyih!

We are truly humbled by your sense of charity and level of love and care..

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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