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Human Cruelty

Unprovoked.. and for no reason.. a docile puppy was dumped into a manhole by a Somalian student, Mohamad Hasan, and his friends..

Why..? and how is one capable of such incomprehensible cruelty..?

I can’t help but wonder… if.. the only way animals can be free of human cruelty.. is for either species to be extinct..


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Crime in Malaysia

Malaysia is currently experiencing a crime pandemic and anybody who says otherwise is not living in the same reality as the rest of us are. We hear and read of various crimes being committed on a daily basis. Criminals inflict considerable damage not just on the victims’ persons and possessions but on their psyche as well.

Due to the increasing number of crimes, too many are even afraid of stepping outside their respective homes now.. Unfortunately, one is not safe in their own home either nowadays.

The four robbers who bent the grille door in a matter of seconds, as shown below, did so at approximately 10pm knowing that the residents were inside the house. The scary part was that they had neither fear nor care of the fact that the residents were still awake either.

Home alarms may be a useful deterrent but it’s useless if the perpetrator already have you at ransom. The home owner may be forced to disarm the alarm when held at knifepoint or if family members threatened. Also, many don’t seem to take a ringing house alarm as seriously now.

CCTV is also not very useful especially when the criminals are wearing a cap or face masks or a helmet with visor.. except to let you know when and how it happened.. Furthermore, many burglars have learned to seek out the CCTVs and attempt to destroy, cover up, push away or even spray paint the CCTV.

To me, the best form of deterrent as well as protection.. is a pet dog. Of course, it’s no absolute guarantee.. but compared to an alarm, CCTVs or door grilles.. a house with a dog (or two) in it is the least attractive to a robber..

In the video below, the girl was really lucky cos the robber changed his mind when her pet dog inside the car started barking at him.

I was almost a victim of a 2am home intrusion attempt as well. My dog, which was adopted from a pound, managed to foil the robbery attempt when she barked at the intruder furiously. The dark-skinned male trespasser was already perched on the perimeter wall and ready to jump into my house compound.. but he changed his mind when he saw my dog.

I have heard her bark many times.. but never like that night.. She was so fierce.. that you’ll just know that something is wrong.. We immediately jumped out of bed when her barking woke us up and just in time to see the burglar turn around, jumping off the wall and running off..

A dog won’t and cannot be switched off as easily as an alarm.. and my dog didn’t stop barking till the would-be robber was out of sight.. We also now know that she has got a different bark for different levels of urgency..

Hence, in this ruthless day and time.. a dog is truly your best friend..

However, if you’re gonna adopt a dog.. please be a good pet owner and not just adopt for purely selfish reasons. A dog is a living being that needs constant love, care and maintenance.. But one thing I can assure you is that.. the more the dog loves you, the more protective they are of you..

So give a homeless dog a home today.. and be protected at the same time..

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Malaysia Boleh!

Hi All..

This is the latest foul crap emitted by the asses at the Selayang Municipal Council..

Pertandingan Sepanjang Masa
Pertandingan Menangkap Anjing Antara Jawatankuasa Penduduk.
-RM 15,000 (Tempat Pertama)
-RM 13,000 (Tempat Kedua)
-RM 11,000 (Tempat Ketiga)

It’s a competition to capture as many stray canines as possible with lucrative prize money being offered..

This is gonna trigger a bloodbath frenzy amongst the greedy..

It’s truly amazing how humans think nothing of forcefully imposing on God’s other creatures.. with little respect and care..

Makes one wonder if our world is evolving for the better or worse..

What do you think?

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They’ll Never Learn

They’ll never learn

Child traumatised by killing of pet dog
By Kenneth Koh

LABUAN: An 11-year-old girl is said to have been traumatised by the killing of her pet dog by men with guns.

The shooting took place at Taman Sea View along Jalan Tanjung Aru here in front a group of children who were playing with the dog in the playground on Sunday afternoon.

Primary 5 pupil Jocelyn Ang related: “They shot my pet Snowy in the leg and as he ran towards our house, the men chased after him and shot him a second time in front of our gate. They then lifted Snowy up by the tail to show us, while his legs were still kicking.”

Looking sad as she spoke yesterday, Jocelyn said that Snowy strayed to their home three years ago and he had been a part of the family.

Her father, Jonathan Ang, a local businessman, told The Borneo Post that there was a mark that looked like a bullet hole on the post of the concrete fence of his house.

“What if the bullet had hit someone?” he asked.

“What had happened was unbecoming and cruel. Neighbours believe the men were from a government agency and we would be lodging a police report on the incident because it was a danger to the public. Children should not be exposed to such display. There was blood splattered around,” he said.
Ang added that following the shooting, his daughter “freaked out” and had been having nightmares. Her sleep had also been disturbed.

Gerald Toidy, another resident of the same housing estate who witnessed what he described as a cruel and gruesome act, revealed that he had contacted the SPCA (Special Protection & Care for Animals) in Kuala Lumpur on the matter.
“I do not own a dog but what happened in our peaceful and friendly neighbourhood is shocking! About 20 men came in four to five vehicles and some of them were brandishing rifles. It was like we were under siege,” he said.

Gerald related that the children were happily playing with Snowy at the playground when the men commanded the children to move aside. When the children were about 10 feet away from the dog, a shot rang out and the children started crying hysterically.

“A young girl was crying and clutching on to her pet dog, Brownie, in her house compound. A man with a gun threatened that he would shoot it if it moves out of the fence,” Gerald related, adding that the shooting took place around 5.15pm when the neighbourhood was gathered at the playground for their outdoor activities.

Both Gerald and Jonathan concurred that while they appreciated the many commendable deeds that the authorities were doing for the populace, the dog shooting and the way it was done definitely needed some rethinking.

“Surely there are more civilised methods to control stray dogs, like using nets or traps and putting the strays to sleep at a proper pound. The shooting may create more problems than what the stray dogs are creating,” they opined.

They were also concerned why Snowy and Brownie were targeted when it was very obvious that they were not strays.


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Deadly Dog House

Hi All..

I came across this in one of the online dailies..

Photo Source: The Malay Mail

I feel sad for the dogs and puppies.. I just hope that the ordeal ended quick..

But I also feel sorry for those hungry foreigners..

To us, these animals are pets and never viewed as food but to them, these animals provide meat to ease their hunger.. just like how most Malaysians view chickens and cows..
Do remember, cows are considered sacred in some countries and never to be consumed.

It’s a matter of respective individual culture and perception..

What can we do? The world is now a smaller place and different cultures are clashing and overlapping..

Education is key to solving this issue. However, it takes time.. just as comprehension and adaptation of the foreigners to our local ways and nuances..

What can we do now?

For me.. it’s a matter of prevention being better than cure.. if there are no stray animals or pets running on their own in the neighbourhood, there won’t be any free meat running around either..

Please, people.. please neuter your pets and the strays in your area so that their unwanted decendants never have to experience death by slaughter..

Oh.. and please keep your pets indoors.. unless you’re there to protect them..


Deadly ‘Dog House’
By Sushma Veera and Mohd Yaakob Yusof
The Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR: It’s a ‘dog house’ with a difference and a deadly one for canines if suspicions are found to be true.

In February, the Federal Territory Veterinary Services Department visited a doublestorey house in Puchong Saujana, Selangor, after being alerted by an animal protection group that its occupants — foreign construction workers — were allegedly butchering puppies.

A resident had earlier complained about hearing dogs yelping before becoming silent. It would be followed by the sound of the cutting of meat and bones from the back of the kitchen.

The resident claimed to have seen blood in the drain the next day.

The department’s enforcement head, Zainuddin Isma Yatim, told Weekend Mail that they had visited the house twice that month.

He said that they responded to the call as their Selangor counterparts were preoccupied with other tasks.

“It was during our second trip that the team found dog bones and teeth. We couldn’t enter the house as no one responded to our calls although an officer spotted movement in the house.” He said they took photographs of the bones.

“It’s not against Malaysian law to eat dogs or cats. We have to look more into the way the animals were killed.

We will check if there was cruelty involved.” He said the department will keep an eye on the house after being told by Weekend Mail that the resident had claimed that the mysterious ‘goings-on’ are continuing.

“We are also monitoring other places in Kuala Lumpur which we suspect are dealing in the sale of puppies for human consumption; even among locals.” The issue was even raised by Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad in February who called on those involved in bringing in and monitoring foreign workers to bar them from eating cats and dogs when commenting on the disappearance of many pets in Taman Kota Masai and Taman Seri Bahagia. Pet owners had claimed that foreigners may be responsible.

In the case of Puchong Saujana, the distress call was answered by Sherrina Krishnan of the Independent Pet Rescues.

“We called SPCA and the Veterinary Department.” Weekend Mail contacted the complainant who claimed that the butchering occurred late at night at least once a month.

“I would hear the puppy yelping and it would suddenly stop. This would be followed by the sound of butchering from the back of the kitchen.

“It’s impossible to see what’s happening inside as the windows are covered with aluminium foil. The next day, I would find blood streaming in the drain.” The resident said the house is occupied by about 10 foreigners who have been living there since late last year. They work at a nearby construction site.

“I heard the sound on Thursday last week. I also noticed a foul smell coming from a dustbin as I walked past the house and saw some liquid inside the bin.” When contacted on Thursday, Shahrir suggested that the Immigration Department help the Veterinary Department ‘educate’ foreign workers about the local culture and sensitivities when it comes to pets.

Under Section 44 of the Animals Act 1953, offenders can be fined a maximum of RM200 or jailed for six months or both, if found guilty of cruelty to animals.

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