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Malaysians’ Favourite Form of Animal Abuse

For a country that is known for our supposed “gentleness”.. Malaysians sure think nothing of abusing animals..

The animal welfare situation is Malaysia is very very sad..

This is a very common form of how animals are cruelly treated in Malaysia..

Too often, we find the abandoned babies with their eyes yet to open and umbilical cords intact (as in the last picture).. and they are left in various locations.. by some bush or tree, at the mamak stalls, at the pasar (markets) and even at dumpsites..

Oddly, the ones committing such cruel and incomprehensible acts usually feel that it’s wrong to neuter their pets.. BUT it is okay to continually separate the babies from their mum and leave them to starve and die.. a very slow and miserable death..

I just don’t get it..

How is it that some people can be soo cruel and inhumane..?


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Peaches & Cream

Hi Everyone..

This is Peaches Kitty and and her buddy, Cream..

Peaches helped to rescue Cream from a monsoon drain.. and they have been inseparable ever since..

If Peaches loses sight of Cream, she will holler and cry till thy kingdom comes.. Cream will cry too but she’s not the hollering sort..

Peaches and Cream are looking for a lovely family to love.. and who will love their dedication and care for one another..

Please email me at should you have any enquiries.. or if you’d like to meet Peaches and Cream..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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Coming Home

Hi Everyone..

When members of my household enters the house.. this is what greets us..

Fun, eh..? @@

These home-patrol guards will disintegrate all intruders with their laser eyes..

Well.. either that, or shock ’em to death..


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Hide and Seek Awards

Hi Everyone..

These were the hiding spots that made me go “hmmmmm” and thus I hereby present these awards..

I Am A Lump In The Mat Dumbest Hiding Spot Award

I’m A Furry Tulip You Didn’t See Me Trick Your Eye Award

I Am A Cat Pretending To Be A Paperweight Pretending To Be A Cat Award

I Am Not Hiding Who Says I’m Hiding Award

And last but not least..

The Spectacular Drive Su Up The Wall Best Hiding Spot Award

I have to say.. It took me forever to spot the last hiding spot..

Again.. don’t ask me how the fella got in there.. as both sides were blocked with stuff that I had to remove to get him out..

The things pets do to sprinkle humour in one’s life..

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Circle Of Life

Hello Everyone..

This is a circle of snoozing puppies..

And this circle of snoozing puppies are looking to begin their own journey of life..

Please consider giving these pups a good start by providing them a loving home..

Please email if you have further enquiries on their adoption..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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Neptune A-Sailing

Hello Everyone..

This is Neptune..

Neptune came a-sailing and a-wailing into Yati’s home one rainy day of flooded drains..

Neptune is a really smart kitten cos she knew which home would kindly provide her the shelter she desperately needed from the pouring skies..

Neptune is now seeking a forever home that would shelter her from the big bad world..

Please call Yati @ (+6) 017.399.3077 to meet Neptune..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

ps – On second thought, maybe we should call her a name that begins with the letter ‘M’ instead.. cos just look at the letter ‘M’ on her forehead.. ‘M’ for Money, perhaps?

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Forever Gone

Hi Everyone..

Our local council gathers many stray animals daily.. both canines and felines..

And these stray animals will inevitably be put to sleep regardless of health and condition..

Please… please do consider giving one of these poor animals a chance to live..

Please visit any of the local pounds or call Mr Krishnan at (+6) 03.4024.3446..

Please call soon.. for their days are numbered..

Do not delay..

Please save a life..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

Note: Pictures above are courtesy of Bee.

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