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Forever Gone

Hi Everyone..

Our local council gathers many stray animals daily.. both canines and felines..

And these stray animals will inevitably be put to sleep regardless of health and condition..

Please… please do consider giving one of these poor animals a chance to live..

Please visit any of the local pounds or call Mr Krishnan at (+6) 03.4024.3446..

Please call soon.. for their days are numbered..

Do not delay..

Please save a life..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

Note: Pictures above are courtesy of Bee.


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Cat’s Eye

Hello Everyone..

Melissa and Najah brought to our attention recently, the heart wrenching plight of this stray cat..


What are we to do?

What would you have done?

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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Spread The Act of Caring

Hello Everyone..

These are just several of the kittens rescued off the streets and cared for till their present healthy conditions by Team Melissa and Najah…




Now that they have healed from the maladies of previously being homeless and hungry, they are now available for adoption..

Please give these kittens a home..

You may email Melissa at or Najah at for further details and to make viewing arrangements..




Melissa and Najah cared for these animals and all the others they have rescued with their limited hard earned resources..

So it would be great if we can all chip in and help them help more cats and kittens in dire need out there..

Adopt a kitten from them.. or sponsor part of the expenses they undoubtedly will incur in their quest to help the suffering strays..

Do your part as an animal lover for animal activists like Melissa and Najah so that they can continue doing their work without losing hope and hair..

With that, the team at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project would like to pledge a 15kg bag of Royal Canin Fit 32 for their indoor cats and a 7.5kg bag of SmartHeart for the outdoor cats they are feeding every month for the next six months, commencing April 2006..

Please help as well..

Every bit of assistance will be greatly appreciated..

Thanks so much, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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E-Ching’s Puppies For Adoption

Hello Everyone..

This post is on behalf of E-Ching.. She’s currently looking for good homes for six puppies (5 males & 1 female) found at a deserted factory lot in Shah Alam.







Here are their details:
a) Names: Billy, Donny, Russell, Sarah, Specky and Teddy
b) Breed: Local
c) Age: Between two to three months old
d) Health: Healthy. Needs to be vaccinated & dewormed

You can visit the puppies at Bukit Tinggi Animal Clinic, 8 Bayu Nilam 1/B, Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang. Please call either Dr Muru or Dr Wee for further information at (+6) 03.3324.0757.
You may also contact E-Ching at (+6) 016.209.3155 if you need any clarification.

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Mimi’s Kittens For Adoption

Hello Everyone..

These kittens are almost two months old and they are currently located in Rawang..





For those who are interested to adopt these kittens.. please email to make the viewing arrangements..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Meen’s Kittens For Adoption

Hi All..

These kittens are now available for adoption.. They are between two to three months old..

Please email for viewing arrangements..

The cat in the last two pictures is their mom..









Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Big Babies For Adoption

Hello Everyone..

Remember Joan F of TTDI? The almost sixty year old lady caring for touching fifty cats in her home and another thirty or so outside her home..

These are a few of the cats under her care currently available for adoption..

All these cats have been neutered and vaccinated..

Her only request is that the successful potential adopters keep her cats indoor and love them as much as she has..

There will be no adoption fees but we at SCCARFS think it would be great if you could spare a bit to help Joan out..

Please call us at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project at (+6)03.5122.8386/ (+6)016.982.8639 or Joan at (+6)012.671.4678 for an appointment to view the cats..

Thanks so much, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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