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Not Eat Us

I absolutely love this poster..

Puts different views into a clearer perspective, doesn’t it?

This great poster is courtesy of

Thousands – millions and billions – of animals are killed for food. That is very sad. We human beings can live without meat, especially in our modern world. We have a great variety of vegetables and other supplementary food, so we have the capacity and responsibilty to save billions of lives.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.


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Open Your Eyes

Say No To Killing For Fashion and Vanity

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Words of the Buddha

Words of the Buddha

All tremble at punishment.
Life is dear to all.
Put yourself in the place of others;
kill none nor have another killed.

Dhammapada 130

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In An Ideal World

In an ideal world, no animals will suffer in the hands of humans..

In an ideal world, animals and humans will co-exist peacefully..

In an ideal world, animals and humans will live with much respect for the other..

In an ideal world, animals will live without fear of humans..

In an ideal world, humans will cease to wrongfully seize for personal gains..

In an ideal world, the world will be a better place..

Unfortunately, we’re far from being in an ideal world..

And we’re actually getting further and further away..

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Deadly Dog House

Hi All..

I came across this in one of the online dailies..

Photo Source: The Malay Mail

I feel sad for the dogs and puppies.. I just hope that the ordeal ended quick..

But I also feel sorry for those hungry foreigners..

To us, these animals are pets and never viewed as food but to them, these animals provide meat to ease their hunger.. just like how most Malaysians view chickens and cows..
Do remember, cows are considered sacred in some countries and never to be consumed.

It’s a matter of respective individual culture and perception..

What can we do? The world is now a smaller place and different cultures are clashing and overlapping..

Education is key to solving this issue. However, it takes time.. just as comprehension and adaptation of the foreigners to our local ways and nuances..

What can we do now?

For me.. it’s a matter of prevention being better than cure.. if there are no stray animals or pets running on their own in the neighbourhood, there won’t be any free meat running around either..

Please, people.. please neuter your pets and the strays in your area so that their unwanted decendants never have to experience death by slaughter..

Oh.. and please keep your pets indoors.. unless you’re there to protect them..


Deadly ‘Dog House’
By Sushma Veera and Mohd Yaakob Yusof
The Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR: It’s a ‘dog house’ with a difference and a deadly one for canines if suspicions are found to be true.

In February, the Federal Territory Veterinary Services Department visited a doublestorey house in Puchong Saujana, Selangor, after being alerted by an animal protection group that its occupants — foreign construction workers — were allegedly butchering puppies.

A resident had earlier complained about hearing dogs yelping before becoming silent. It would be followed by the sound of the cutting of meat and bones from the back of the kitchen.

The resident claimed to have seen blood in the drain the next day.

The department’s enforcement head, Zainuddin Isma Yatim, told Weekend Mail that they had visited the house twice that month.

He said that they responded to the call as their Selangor counterparts were preoccupied with other tasks.

“It was during our second trip that the team found dog bones and teeth. We couldn’t enter the house as no one responded to our calls although an officer spotted movement in the house.” He said they took photographs of the bones.

“It’s not against Malaysian law to eat dogs or cats. We have to look more into the way the animals were killed.

We will check if there was cruelty involved.” He said the department will keep an eye on the house after being told by Weekend Mail that the resident had claimed that the mysterious ‘goings-on’ are continuing.

“We are also monitoring other places in Kuala Lumpur which we suspect are dealing in the sale of puppies for human consumption; even among locals.” The issue was even raised by Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad in February who called on those involved in bringing in and monitoring foreign workers to bar them from eating cats and dogs when commenting on the disappearance of many pets in Taman Kota Masai and Taman Seri Bahagia. Pet owners had claimed that foreigners may be responsible.

In the case of Puchong Saujana, the distress call was answered by Sherrina Krishnan of the Independent Pet Rescues.

“We called SPCA and the Veterinary Department.” Weekend Mail contacted the complainant who claimed that the butchering occurred late at night at least once a month.

“I would hear the puppy yelping and it would suddenly stop. This would be followed by the sound of butchering from the back of the kitchen.

“It’s impossible to see what’s happening inside as the windows are covered with aluminium foil. The next day, I would find blood streaming in the drain.” The resident said the house is occupied by about 10 foreigners who have been living there since late last year. They work at a nearby construction site.

“I heard the sound on Thursday last week. I also noticed a foul smell coming from a dustbin as I walked past the house and saw some liquid inside the bin.” When contacted on Thursday, Shahrir suggested that the Immigration Department help the Veterinary Department ‘educate’ foreign workers about the local culture and sensitivities when it comes to pets.

Under Section 44 of the Animals Act 1953, offenders can be fined a maximum of RM200 or jailed for six months or both, if found guilty of cruelty to animals.

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Kinda Like A Pet

For those who would like a pet.. well, kinda.. but minus the responsibility..

Photo Source: Unknown

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Wise Words of Calvin

Hi All..

For those who missed the wise words of Calvin..

“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend”

Source: Calvin and Hobbes

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