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Malaysians’ Favourite Form of Animal Abuse

For a country that is known for our supposed “gentleness”.. Malaysians sure think nothing of abusing animals..

The animal welfare situation is Malaysia is very very sad..

This is a very common form of how animals are cruelly treated in Malaysia..

Too often, we find the abandoned babies with their eyes yet to open and umbilical cords intact (as in the last picture).. and they are left in various locations.. by some bush or tree, at the mamak stalls, at the pasar (markets) and even at dumpsites..

Oddly, the ones committing such cruel and incomprehensible acts usually feel that it’s wrong to neuter their pets.. BUT it is okay to continually separate the babies from their mum and leave them to starve and die.. a very slow and miserable death..

I just don’t get it..

How is it that some people can be soo cruel and inhumane..?


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Glass Walls – Eating Without Thinking..

If you love your meaty meals.. you should know at least where it came from.. and how it was produced..

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