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Broken Bits of Life..

In my household, if something breaks.. be it by a two legged or a four legged.. we go “hmm.. okay..” and move on..

We just clean up the broken bits.. and then wonder if we even needed the stuff in the first place..

Having pets have taught me this.. Let go.. Reduce clutter! Go zen! And quit hogging Earth’s limited resources..


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Oh, Wow!

Oh, wow.. How time flies..

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My Apologies..

Hi All..

My apologies for the lack of updates..

I guess this blog and site suffered most from my trying to juggle too many and too much..

The good thing is that.. I’m never bored..

The bad thing is that.. I dont have the time to even feel bored..

Anyway, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel..

Am in the midst of clearing the things on my plate.. So, hopefully, I’ll be able to see bits of the plate soon..

I thank all who wrote in expressing concerns..

Don’t worry.. The site will go on..

There are plans to even revamp the site.. So please do be patient with me..

And please continue writing in should you have further comments or enquiries..

Thank you..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

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In An Ideal World

In an ideal world, no animals will suffer in the hands of humans..

In an ideal world, animals and humans will co-exist peacefully..

In an ideal world, animals and humans will live with much respect for the other..

In an ideal world, animals will live without fear of humans..

In an ideal world, humans will cease to wrongfully seize for personal gains..

In an ideal world, the world will be a better place..

Unfortunately, we’re far from being in an ideal world..

And we’re actually getting further and further away..

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Wanna Live in a Toilet?

This is cruelty..

Putting a fish or any living being for that matter in an environment that is way too small..

Everytime I see something like this, I ask the owner.. ‘How would you like to live in your toilet?’

Sadly, most people just go.. ‘Huh?’..

Kindness and consideration for other beings is sorely lacking in this world that we live in..

Sad, don’t you think?

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Just Things

This was my car..


As you can see, my cats absolutely loved the car.. including the neigbourhood four legged visitors as well..

I’m glad the car pleased my four legged companions as much as it did me..

It was also through this material asset that I learned the art of detachment..

Material things.. are things..

So what if there are scratches..

They are things..

Things are meant to serve and please us humans..

Things are just.. things..

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Thought For Reflection

Thought for Reflection:

We can accomplish even the most difficult task when there is care within the heart, purpose in your soul and a destination in your mind..

And you will recognise excuses for what it is.. merely a weak form of justification..

Thus with the famous Nike words in mind.. Just Do It!

And so we did..

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