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Broken Bits of Life..

In my household, if something breaks.. be it by a two legged or a four legged.. we go “hmm.. okay..” and move on..

We just clean up the broken bits.. and then wonder if we even needed the stuff in the first place..

Having pets have taught me this.. Let go.. Reduce clutter! Go zen! And quit hogging Earth’s limited resources..


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Coming Home

Hi Everyone..

When members of my household enters the house.. this is what greets us..

Fun, eh..? @@

These home-patrol guards will disintegrate all intruders with their laser eyes..

Well.. either that, or shock ’em to death..


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Not Eat Us

I absolutely love this poster..

Puts different views into a clearer perspective, doesn’t it?

This great poster is courtesy of

Thousands – millions and billions – of animals are killed for food. That is very sad. We human beings can live without meat, especially in our modern world. We have a great variety of vegetables and other supplementary food, so we have the capacity and responsibilty to save billions of lives.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

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Hide and Seek Awards

Hi Everyone..

These were the hiding spots that made me go “hmmmmm” and thus I hereby present these awards..

I Am A Lump In The Mat Dumbest Hiding Spot Award

I’m A Furry Tulip You Didn’t See Me Trick Your Eye Award

I Am A Cat Pretending To Be A Paperweight Pretending To Be A Cat Award

I Am Not Hiding Who Says I’m Hiding Award

And last but not least..

The Spectacular Drive Su Up The Wall Best Hiding Spot Award

I have to say.. It took me forever to spot the last hiding spot..

Again.. don’t ask me how the fella got in there.. as both sides were blocked with stuff that I had to remove to get him out..

The things pets do to sprinkle humour in one’s life..

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Hide and Seek

My pets are constantly playing me-hide and you-seek with me..

Some are pretty easy to spot.. but there were a few that got me scratching my head..

I present to you..

The feline version of me-hide you-seek..

The things they do to keep us guessing and our eyeballs rolling..

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Chardonnay Cat

Hello Everyone..

I came across a young stray cat whilst having dinner in an al-fresco restaurant..

She jumped onto an empty seat next to me and just sat there watching me have my dinner..

She was a pretty good cat cos she didn’t make any attempts to swipe my dinner and ate only when I put morsels of food in front of her..

As she looked fine, I didn’t feel the urgency to catch her and bring her home..

That was until she suddenly sneezed.. and again.. and again.. and again..

It was only then that I noticed, upon closer inspection, that she had the initial symptoms of cat flu..

Now, in case you’re not aware of it, unlike human flu.. cat flu is potentially fatal to cats..

So I started cracking my head on how to transport her home.. and asked the restaurant establishment for a box..

The waiters looked around.. and came back with a.. wine box..

And so this was how little Chardonnay came home with me that fateful night..

She didn’t make a single peep the whole journey home..

As you can see, she even made herself comfy in the box..

Magic says.. ‘That’s an odd bottle of Chardonnay (white wine) you have there..’

By the way, guys.. Chardonnay is up for adoption.. Please email me at to meet sweet Chardonnay..

Thanks, everyone..

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Magic Supervising

This is Magic supervising the preparation of his dinner..

Magic says.. “Speed it up, will ya..”

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