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Glass Walls – Eating Without Thinking..

If you love your meaty meals.. you should know at least where it came from.. and how it was produced..


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More Animal Abusers

Update: The original video was deleted. The replacement video above was made by “Kiangalaxy” to show the vast difference in the world of a dog who is loved and another who is abused.

If you’d like to view the original video, please go to this link..

These abusive scums put Malaysians to shame..

Thanks to concerned Netizens, it was revealed that the dog’s name is Sushi.

Poor Sushi belongs to Doreen Loo.. who proudly exclaimed in her Facebook account that her puppy can “stand”..

The guy abusing the poor dog is supposedly her boyfriend, an Allan Tan.. but he has denied he’s the one in the video..

Regardless, people like Doreen Loo should be banned from having any form of pets.. EVER! She should be protecting her pets.. Not allow them to be tormented and abused in such a manner..

Someone should try smacking the two around like they did to the dog as well..

They are worse than the scums beneath the rocks..

Pictures courtesy of Facebook’s “Get Dog Abuser Doreen Loo & Allan Tan into JAIL”.

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Animal Abusers

I have to admit.. I am happy..

I am happy that someone saw and made a big deal of it..

I am happy that this damned animal abuser got a taste of his own medicine..

I am happy that many cared for the poor abused animal’s plight..

I am happy that they cared enough to do something about it..

I am happy that there was action as well, and not just mere words..

I am so happy that it brought tears to my eyes..

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I’m A Kitty Cat

Hi All..

I believe many of you would have seen this video ages ago..

I have to say I absolutely love it.. despite its simplicity.. and the tune is awfully catchy..

To those to have seen it and to those who have not..


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Tommy’s Tale

Through the eyes of Roderick Kar, this heart warming video gives us a glimpse into the world of Mary and Peter, two animal lovers in Hong Kong.. in their attempt to care for a stray cat diagnosed with FIV..

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Mommy Fright

Funny, huh?

The little one sure could pack a whopper..

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Not Eat Us

I absolutely love this poster..

Puts different views into a clearer perspective, doesn’t it?

This great poster is courtesy of

Thousands – millions and billions – of animals are killed for food. That is very sad. We human beings can live without meat, especially in our modern world. We have a great variety of vegetables and other supplementary food, so we have the capacity and responsibilty to save billions of lives.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

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