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SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

Everybody wants to save the earth; but nobody wants to help mum with the dishes.
(PJ O’Rourke, All the trouble in the world)


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How SCCARFS Began..

SCCARFS began as a child’s dream..

When I was much younger, I used to wish for a place to home the many strays that crossed my path.

Many a time, I brought these little critters home, only to have selected many ‘disappear’ when I arrived home from school.

My grandmother, my caretaker at that time, had little tolerance for the many piles of poop that appeared with my every rescue project.

So you could say I grew up with a vengeance..

Unlike most girls my age, I wanted my independence and my own place badly just so I could rescue and bring home any animal I wanted…

I must have wished real hard cos God heard me and granted me my own place at a very young age of 22.

And so began, my adventure and life long passion to rescue every animal that I could catch..

I have now since narrowed and prioritized my ‘catches’ to three categories of four leggeds; the ill, the mommy and her portable brood and the little ones that can’t fend properly for themselves.

It breaks my heart to see a being, any being, suffer over lack of basic needs such as food and water, shelter and medication.

Human friends have asked me “How about people?”

Well, I’m there too but I limit my sense of charity to needs and not wants.

It’s my choice.

I am a sucker for the old and the handicapped and the hungry too.. but that’s another story.

Therefore, to cut a very long story short, SCCARFS was conceptualized ages ago.. and with the help of good friends, two of whom are conveniently vets (all animal lovers need them!).. SCCARFS grows!.. slowly but surely..

Currently, the active SCCARFS team members is a small group.. We’re tough on the outside but are putties inside when it concerns the needy.. If you ever see someone running after strays with a carrier, very likely that’ll be one of us!

So, if you’d like to be a part of our team.. we welcome you with our arms wide open..

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