Pet Boarding Services

For all pet owners seeking peace of mind while they’re away, SCCARFS Pets Connection Project highly recommends.. Puss n Pooch’s Place..

We are offering cat boarding service for anyone interested in the best of  home-based, home environment care for their cat while they are away. We are avid animal lovers and will pay close attention to the needs and comfort of  your cat.

Each cat will have a space of 88cm (L) x 88cm (W) x 68cm (H), or double the height if  2 or 3 cats sharing (must be from the same household).

Boarding fee includes litter box (OkoPlus), food (Feline Caviar/ Blackwood ), filtered water, daily exercise and free cuddles. We have a big room where each cat will be let out once a day to run and jump around, and get lots of attention, cuddles and brushing from us. The room is well ventilated, with fan and air-conditioning at night, as well as a secured balcony.

Daily updates will be provided through SMS/MMS for your peace of mind.

You can also bring your own food, litter, scratch posts and toys. If your cat  is on raw diet, please bring the food and we’ll be happy to warm it up for  every meal.


– Boarding fee is RM25 per cat (for 1-2 cats), RM20 per cat (for 3 cats) with or without food. Max 3 cats per 3-tier cage. –Discounts for long term stay (7 days or more).

– Deposit of 50% of total stay is required.

– Each cat must have proof of at least 2 vaccinations (initial and booster). We will not take in any cat that is not vaccinated.

– Each cat must be free of fleas. Even though we can give flea-treatment, we will not risk our other feline tenants being infected.

– If your cat falls ill during its stay with us, we will contact you before bringing it to the vet. Medical costs will be borne by you.

– Pick-up/drop-off service available, depending on your location. Please contact us.

Contact number: 012-2973837 (Win)



Location: Bandar Kinrara


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I will always love you no matter how you look.. or smell..

Please adopt me…

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Broken Bits of Life..

In my household, if something breaks.. be it by a two legged or a four legged.. we go “hmm.. okay..” and move on..

We just clean up the broken bits.. and then wonder if we even needed the stuff in the first place..

Having pets have taught me this.. Let go.. Reduce clutter! Go zen! And quit hogging Earth’s limited resources..

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An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

We seriously need more guys like Paul Klusman and T.J. Wingard in this world..

Enjoy their highly entertaining videos..

Adopt a cat today!

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Human Cruelty

Unprovoked.. and for no reason.. a docile puppy was dumped into a manhole by a Somalian student, Mohamad Hasan, and his friends..

Why..? and how is one capable of such incomprehensible cruelty..?

I can’t help but wonder… if.. the only way animals can be free of human cruelty.. is for either species to be extinct..

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Between Man and Dog..

“If you pick up a starving dog

And make him prosperous,

He will not bite you;

That is the principle difference

Between man and dog.”

– Mark Twain

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Thank Your Neighbour Today

Please be grateful and kind to your neighbours who own dogs cos their dogs are very likely and indirectly protecting your house as well..

Potential robbers and burglars are deterred from a house with noisy neighbours, y’know..

Currently, my left neighbour have two dogs whereas my right neighbour care for several more dogs. In addition, the house in front of mine own two really nosy mongrels. So you could say my house is surrounded by dogs and I thank god for every time they bark at a stranger passing by.

So, if you have a neighbour with dogs.. thank them today..

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