SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Damsels in Distress

Hello Everyone..

Yesterday.. we at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project received a distress call from Sabrina of SPCA..

The plan to send the animals rescued and neutered under the Friends of Felix Program to Noah’s Ark in Johor has fallen through.

In case you guys are not aware of it.. Noah’s Ark is not a full fledged animal sanctuary.

Noah’s Ark IS doing a good thing but to be able to run effectively, they need to charge a monthly fee for every animal that is sent in.

So anyway, poor Sabrina had to run around finding temporary homes for the animals already neutered so that they could fully heal and recuperate before releasing them.. a first for them..

Therefore, as of yesterday.. we now have FIVE additional cats to care for that WE at SCCARFS PCP hope are able to re-home before SPCA takes them back..

Work like this is very challenging.. and is difficult most times..

None of us at SCCARFS PCP gets paid to do this.

Neither does the volunteers of SPCA or any other such organisation.

We care and we give simply because we want to.. and we are aware of the ups and downs of such an undertaking.. but we still do it willingly..

With that.. WE at SCCARFS salute Sabrina and E-Ching for their personal care and dedication towards the stray animal population..

Their care and sacrifice for the animals would put MOST of us to shame.. for most people would pale in comparison in acts where and when it truly matters..

Think about it, everyone..


Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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