Kung Hei Fatt Choi

Once upon a Chinese New Year eve.. we received news that someone came across four little helpless puppies by the side of a busy road..

The fifth puppy was already run over by a speeding car..

Mommy was nearby but ran when her puppies were being scooped off the dangerous roadside..

Several calls were made and a little group gathered to try to rescue mommy as well..

We waited till dark when traffic had subsided..

That was one CNY with no CNY dinner for either of us..

Amazingly, we managed to locate the mommy dog after searching for a short while with torchlights..

The vet in the group was able to get close enough to sedate mommy doggie..

As the clock struck midnight that Chinese New Year, we were able to reunite mommy and her four puppies in a safe environment..

Please meet..

Ah Kung, Ah Hei, Ah Fatt, Ah Choi..

Not forgetting mommy, the Woof of Prosperity..


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