The Path Of Pain

These kittens were found abandoned in a box under a tree.. totally dehydrated and dying from thirst and starvation..

How is it that so many refuse to neuter their pets under the label of ‘kesian’ but have no problems leaving these innocent and helpless kittens to die a slow death?

These kittens have been hungry for so long.. that their stomachs contracted and could not take in any food..

Please, people.. PLEASE NEUTER YOUR PETS!!

You have the ability to make the world a better place.. for your fellow human beings and for these helpless furry beings..

There is no excuse to knowingly allow another being to suffer because of your actions or inactions..

Please take a long look at these poor kittens and know that someone consciously chose for them a path of slow and painful death..

And that someone could have prevented all this pain..

If only they had neutered their pet..


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  1. affina said

    dear sir, i would like to adopt one female kitten please. yesterday, somebody kidnapped my half breed girl. since, my boy kitten had stopped eating, cant sleep, refuse to be left alone even if i want to got to the loo.

    please help me. i need to find my boy a companion.

    and i have a question, why are the kittens in SPCA expensive?

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