Chardonnay Cat

Hello Everyone..

I came across a young stray cat whilst having dinner in an al-fresco restaurant..

She jumped onto an empty seat next to me and just sat there watching me have my dinner..

She was a pretty good cat cos she didn’t make any attempts to swipe my dinner and ate only when I put morsels of food in front of her..

As she looked fine, I didn’t feel the urgency to catch her and bring her home..

That was until she suddenly sneezed.. and again.. and again.. and again..

It was only then that I noticed, upon closer inspection, that she had the initial symptoms of cat flu..

Now, in case you’re not aware of it, unlike human flu.. cat flu is potentially fatal to cats..

So I started cracking my head on how to transport her home.. and asked the restaurant establishment for a box..

The waiters looked around.. and came back with a.. wine box..

And so this was how little Chardonnay came home with me that fateful night..

She didn’t make a single peep the whole journey home..

As you can see, she even made herself comfy in the box..

Magic says.. ‘That’s an odd bottle of Chardonnay (white wine) you have there..’

By the way, guys.. Chardonnay is up for adoption.. Please email me at to meet sweet Chardonnay..

Thanks, everyone..


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