They’ll Never Learn

They’ll never learn

Child traumatised by killing of pet dog
By Kenneth Koh

LABUAN: An 11-year-old girl is said to have been traumatised by the killing of her pet dog by men with guns.

The shooting took place at Taman Sea View along Jalan Tanjung Aru here in front a group of children who were playing with the dog in the playground on Sunday afternoon.

Primary 5 pupil Jocelyn Ang related: “They shot my pet Snowy in the leg and as he ran towards our house, the men chased after him and shot him a second time in front of our gate. They then lifted Snowy up by the tail to show us, while his legs were still kicking.”

Looking sad as she spoke yesterday, Jocelyn said that Snowy strayed to their home three years ago and he had been a part of the family.

Her father, Jonathan Ang, a local businessman, told The Borneo Post that there was a mark that looked like a bullet hole on the post of the concrete fence of his house.

“What if the bullet had hit someone?” he asked.

“What had happened was unbecoming and cruel. Neighbours believe the men were from a government agency and we would be lodging a police report on the incident because it was a danger to the public. Children should not be exposed to such display. There was blood splattered around,” he said.
Ang added that following the shooting, his daughter “freaked out” and had been having nightmares. Her sleep had also been disturbed.

Gerald Toidy, another resident of the same housing estate who witnessed what he described as a cruel and gruesome act, revealed that he had contacted the SPCA (Special Protection & Care for Animals) in Kuala Lumpur on the matter.
“I do not own a dog but what happened in our peaceful and friendly neighbourhood is shocking! About 20 men came in four to five vehicles and some of them were brandishing rifles. It was like we were under siege,” he said.

Gerald related that the children were happily playing with Snowy at the playground when the men commanded the children to move aside. When the children were about 10 feet away from the dog, a shot rang out and the children started crying hysterically.

“A young girl was crying and clutching on to her pet dog, Brownie, in her house compound. A man with a gun threatened that he would shoot it if it moves out of the fence,” Gerald related, adding that the shooting took place around 5.15pm when the neighbourhood was gathered at the playground for their outdoor activities.

Both Gerald and Jonathan concurred that while they appreciated the many commendable deeds that the authorities were doing for the populace, the dog shooting and the way it was done definitely needed some rethinking.

“Surely there are more civilised methods to control stray dogs, like using nets or traps and putting the strays to sleep at a proper pound. The shooting may create more problems than what the stray dogs are creating,” they opined.

They were also concerned why Snowy and Brownie were targeted when it was very obvious that they were not strays.



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