When You Buy From A Petshop

Hi All..

When you buy an animal (be it a cute little kitty or puppy or ferret or any animal) from a petshop.. this is what you’re encouraging..

Animal Farming!

Cats and dogs are being ‘farmed’ all around the world.. and this is very rampant in Malaysia as well..

These farmers are also known as backyard breeders..

So ask yourself.. if you’d like to be a part of such a lie and cruelty..

Such cruelty can only cease.. when the buying stops..

Stop supporting petshops and backyard breeders that profit from the sufferings of animals..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

Note: Pictures courtesy of Puppy Farm Tails.

Please read Petshop Victims for a similar write-up on a person’s experience of working in a pet shop.


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  1. jareyj said

    OMG….i hope i can help 😦

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