Petshop Victims

Hello Everyone..

This article is reproduced with the permission of the author to create awareness on the consequences of buying pets from petshops..

If you buy or sell animals in pet shops, this is what you’re condoning..

The One About The Puppy In The Window

Have you ever walked pass a petshop window and lay your gaze on a CUTESY LIL’ PUPPY for more than 5 seconds. And before you know it, you are in love with him/her.

You walk in, pay a ridiculous price for it and you bring it home, not comprehending what you have just did.

What have you done?

You have fallen prey to money-faced-non-animal-loving bastards. I will not mince my words.

Let me explain.

A typical cute puppy from the window typically comes from a typical puppy farm.

Typical puppy farms or mills churn out puppies everyday. They work their bitches heat after heat after heat. Do they care if the bitches are mal-nutritioned? No. Do they care that the puppies are not of good quality? No. Do they care about the mortality rate of the dogs? NO! What do they care about then?

They care about how many puppies they can produce for profit. Bitch can no longer produce pups? Just leave her to die.

This post will not contain happy pictures of puppies. This post will contain pictures of cruel reality. If you cannot stomach it, please stop reading now. NOW.

I love collies. They have always been my dream dogs since I was a little girl. I forsee myself keeping collies for the rest of my life. And I’m a very proud owner of my mix collie, Benji. Therefore, the following images, do NOTHING to glorify this elegant and intelligent breed. I’m sickened to my bones.

Images taken from:

WHAT DIGNITY have they left for the dogs?

How do these poor dogs have anything to do with the puppies in the window, you ask? Well, these are the very farms that would supply the pups to the petshops.

(Please read these stories before you accuse me of fabricating this whole thing:

Before you say that these only happens in America (since all the links I gave are American sites), let me tell you that this happens all over the world.

Wherever there is DEMAND for puppies, these people will be around.

I’ve worked in petshops before. I’ve seen these happening far too many times. Too many times, I see sick pups in the window being sold at ridiculous prices. Too many times, I’ve sold a pup with a heavy heart, knowing I had sinned. Too many times, owners have come back to the shop with the pups falling sick and demanding a refund.

And all this time? The poor pup’s mommy is somewhere cold and dark, sitting in a cramp and rusty cage, wondering when she’s going to be raped again.

All these, for the sake of money. For as long as there is the demand, there will always be backyard breeders, puppy mills and irresponsible petshops.

Then, there will be a whole colony of unwanted dogs in pounds/ shelters/ SPCA etc, waiting either to be adopted (lower chances, because most people buy from petshops, which in turn buy from puppy farms, which in turn would kick the unwanted old bitches to the pounds anyway) or to be put to sleep.

I do not hate people who buy puppies from petshops, neither do I hate puppies from petshops (duh). I just feel that if ONLY, everyone can read up intensively before they commit themselves to getting a ‘branded dog’, and adopting instead of buying, it would make such a great difference!

What big difference would it make? You may ask.

Ever heard of the story of a boy walking down the beach and throwing starfishes back into the sea? A man comes along and laughed at the boy.

“What difference would it make? There are so many of them!”

And the boy replies after he picked yet another starfish and threw that into the sea,

“Well it sure made a difference to that one!”

Adopted dogs are not bad dogs. I have many friends who can attest to that. Mixed breed dogs are not worse off than pedigreed ones either.

Do educate friends and relatives should they decide to have a doggy addition to their family. You never know what huge difference you can make to that one dog waiting in the shelter.

There are simply too many dogs, too little people who really really care. And those people who care, are really tired.

By the way, people.. this applies to cats as well..

It affects ALL animals sold in pet shops..

Please help spread the word..

Please help these animals who are unable to voice their pain to the world..

Say NO to Animals in Pet Shops!

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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