An Animal Rescuer’s Nightmare

Hello Everyone..

We at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project try to keep track of the animals adopted out by keeping in contact with the adopters..

Obviously, by doing so.. we get to see a myriad of human behaviours and thoughts towards pets in general as well..

The conversation below, via Yahoo Messenger, is an example of nightmares that some adopters give us..

adopter: hey the cats are very active
sccarfs: how?
adopter: run here and there
adopter: i tot once potong they behave
sccarfs: hyperactive?
adopter: yep
sccarfs: both of em?
adopter: yup
sccarfs: that’s odd..
sccarfs: could it be the home environment?

adopter: emmm
adopter: i dont want em anymore
sccarfs: what do you feed em?
adopter: i want docile cats
sccarfs: you should have gotten girls..
sccarfs: girls are generally much more quiet..

adopter: yep
adopter: how ah?
sccarfs: you wanna exchange?
adopter: with a flat nose?
adopter: can i just let em go ?
adopter: some rich housing estate
sccarfs: definitely not..
sccarfs: i’ll never forgive you if you do that..

adopter: ok.
adopter: ill just slowly poison em
sccarfs: just send them back to us if you do not want them anymore..
adopter: errrr
adopter: do i get my money back? huhuhuhu
sccarfs: what money?
sccarfs: we didn’t take a single cent from you..

adopter: hehehehehe
adopter: oh yeah
sccarfs: anyway, i gotta go..
adopter: ok
adopter: take care missy
sccarfs: let me know when you wanna send them back to us..
adopter: see 1st la

With a big Sigh!


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