Animal Rescue Work

Hello Everyone..

Let me tell you all this..

Animal Rescue Work is very frustrating work..

(Please bear in mind that I am writing this on behalf of MOST animal rescuers out there around the world, whether you have rescued 1 or 100..)

We give so much of ourselves.. our time, our money, our heart and soul..

It’s all about sacrifice.. and the willingness to do so..

None of us have a bottomless pocket.. For every $1 of my limited resources that I’ve spent on a stray, it’s $1 less for myself.

It’s not because we have nothing else better to do either.. We have our respective jobs and contrary to popular beliefs, we do know how to enjoy life as well..

We chose to sacrifice cos we care… cos we feel for the animals..

Do you know what frustrates us Animal Rescuers the most? ..HUMANS!!..

Ignorant humans..
Uncaring humans..
Selfish humans..
Mean humans..

So, if we sound frustrated in any way.. that’s because we ARE..

The conditions and welfare of the stray population is PATHETIC..

So sad.. but so few are willing to do anything about it..

Most just say.. “Oh, look at the poor kitty..” and walk away..

If you’re in this group, the least you could do is to help educate and not cause additional hurdles..

We all need to work together.. to help the animals..

Put your differences aside and help the ones that truly need your attention and energy..

Remember, we’re all here because of them..

Thanks, everyone..

Yours sincerely,


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