Kittens Seeking Loving Humans

Hello Everyone..

These are just several of the kittens currently under our care that’s up for adoption..

blogimg_1537aa.jpg  blogimg_1537ba.jpg  blogimg_1552a.jpg

blogimg_1724a.jpg  blogimg_1766a.jpg  blogimg_1778a.jpg

blogimg_2304a.jpg  blogimg_2307a.jpg  blogimg_2309a.jpg

blogimg_2324a.jpg  blogimg_2327a.jpg  blogimg_2330a.jpg

blogimg_2337a.jpg  blogimg_2350a.jpg

These kittens were all rescued from various dire situations..

Some were rescued from puddles of water due to the current wet weather..

Some were abandoned by their heartless human owners..

Some were travelling cargo in their homeless mom’s belly..

Some were just homeless and hungry..

All of them have been fostered and cared for till their current healthy stage..

Please give one or more of these kittens a home..

You may email if you have further enquiries or if you would like to meet the bundles of fur..

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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