PAWS For Adoption

Hello Everyone..

These are just several of the cats and kittens, dogs and pups up for adoption at PAWS..

blogimg_1621a.jpg  blogimg_1624a.jpg  blogimg_1626a.jpg

blogimg_1631a.jpg  blogimg_1633a.jpg  blogimg_1636a.jpg

blogimg_1638a.jpg  blogimg_1641a.jpg  blogimg_1643a.jpg

blogimg_1644a.jpg  blogimg_1645a.jpg  blogimg_1646a.jpg

blogimg_1647a.jpg  blogimg_1649a.jpg  blogimg_1650a.jpg

blogimg_1651a.jpg  blogimg_1652a.jpg  blogimg_1653a.jpg

blogimg_1654a.jpg  blogimg_1655a.jpg  blogimg_1656a.jpg

You may visit these animals at:
PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Pilmoor Estate, Subang Airport Road, 47200 Subang
Telephone Number: (+60) 03.7846.1087
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9.00am – 4.00pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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