The Feline Escape Artist

Hello Everyone..

This is Cash, the speeding tripod.. also known as the feline escape artist..

Cash was involved in an accident and lost one of his hind legs..

But that didn’t stop him from performing miracles and morphing into a furry speeding tripod..

If he can do this with only three legs, can you imagine what he’s capable of on all four..

The very heavy glass door was installed to keep the feline residents cordoned in selected areas when necessary..

Of course, that doesn’t apply to Cash, the escape artist, as he figured out soon after how to get through the door on his own..

Cash can also knock on doors to be allowed in or out of certain rooms in the house and will find ways to climb to great heights to spy on you if you ignore him..

I present to you Cash in one of his numerous escapades..










Have a good day everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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