Breeding Woes

Hello Everyone..

Just the other day, I was talking to a fellow animal lover.. and the topic of discussion was about animal breeding..

He had a ‘special’ cat that he wanted to breed..

Now, bear in mind that this friend of mine LOVES animals as well.. more than himself, I sometimes think.

He is as extreme as I am.. and rescues every animal that he sees is suffering.. often discarding any worries of financial, time and emotional issues recklessly aside..

Anyway, he had this SEVEN-toed cat, a polydactyl, that he would like to see give birth to seven-toed polydactyl kittens..

So, I told him of a time when I thought of that myself.. I have a cat that I considered very special as well. He was an all white cat with two different eye colours, one blue and the other green. He was absolutely beautiful with a great temperament to boot.

I had actually considered allowing him to mate with another beautiful female cat and was excited as to how their kittens would turn out..

But after much consideration.. I figured that if I had space for more in my home, I’d like to help the ones in need out there..

It felt wrong to participate in the creation of more lives when so many out there are suffering and homeless..

I realized that I wanted the kittens for selfish personal reasons.. and for a moment, they became potential “limited editions”..

I reasoned with my friend that, even if I found new homes for those kittens.. I would have preferred for those people to adopt animals that truly needed a home..

So, people.. whatever your reason may be to breed an animal.. please realize that there are many more out there desperately in need of your help, care and attention..

Please do not allow unnecessary or unwanted breeding to go unchecked..

Please spay and neuter your household pets..

For there simply are too many stray animals out there..

And if you own even a single un-neutered pet, YOU are partially to be blamed as well..

Too many homeless animals are suffering out there.. and you have the power to do something about it..

Every bit helps..

Think about it..


Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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