Astrological InFURmation

Hello Everyone..

I have just received this email from a site that apparently churns out astrology charts for your pets..

Personally, I find this rather amusing but if you’re into this.. read on..

Anything to understand your pets better, huh..


Dear Su,

Have you ever wondered why some dogs howl at the Moon? They could have Cancer in their chart. How about those chatty kitties? Their Mercury may be in social Gemini!

Just like us, dogs and cats are also affected by their signs. They have an astrological profile packed full of “infurmation” about their personality … offering a glimpse of their inner world.

Sun going into sensitive Pisces now is a great time to tune into your favorite cat or dog’s Astrological persona. As the Pisces Sun together with a Full Moon lunar eclipse deepen our senses, let yourself be filled with compassion for all living beings – including your four-legged friends. Learn to better connect with your furry companions … and let their Astrology help.

Our brand new Cat and Dog Astrology reports will give you “cosmic insight” into your pet’s (or the pets of people you know) behavior … to help strengthen your mutual bond. Based on an approximate birth location and date, this detailed report describes your cat or dog’s inborn traits, personality quirks, and what they like to do for fun. You will learn more about their full potential … and their needs for expression and affection. The report also gives you tips for dealing with difficult behaviors … including those that can and cannot be changed.

This unique Astrology report comes in two versions – the Cat Astrology report and the Dog Astrology report. We’re offering both at an introductory sale price of just $9.95 each, for a limited time only. All you need is your cat or dog’s approximate birth location and date, and you’re set. Run a report for your pet, a friend’s pet … or imagine yourself as a cat or dog and run one on you!

If you – or someone you care about – have pets, you know how important they are to your wellbeing. The relationship you enjoy with them deserves good attention. Use the insights you gather from our special new report to enhance your inter-species bond!

Here’s to loving your pet,
Paul O’Brien, Chief Visionary
Visionary Networks/

Each Cat or Dog Astrology report includes:
• Your pet’s Sun, Moon and Planets – the keys to his or her temperament and personality
• How their dominant Element affects what he or she needs to be happy
• How to work with their planetary Aspects to improve your life together


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