Outspoken Activist

My words may be harsh sometimes..

I know..

I apologize if my words have hurt anyone’s feelings..

But I don’t know how else to jumpstart people into action..

The circle of those who do act is very very small..

The people who choose to be involved are way too few..

Why is that?

Because of that, I have to attempt every trick in the book.. coaxing, cajoling, pleading, encouraging, begging, sarcasm, guilt, anger, to persuade, to convince, to initiate, to implore, to exemplify, to motivate, etc..

I am not asking for anything but for you to act upon that glimmer of emotion triggered when you saw that being in need..

If I can convey my message to just a few of you, then I suppose my efforts have been worthwhile..

Unfortunately.. that is not enough for me..

I do hope that those who cares in turn set the ball rolling and educate and encourage others too..

Let us practice the domino effect but one without an end..

An act of infinity caring for those who cant speak out to protect themselves..

And for every ten people that you’ve spoken to, if you are able to reach even just one.. it has been a good day..

And no matter what, do not give up on those in need..

Please care..

Please help..

Be an outspoken activist.. as I have..

Thanks, everyone..

Good luck..


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