The Pain In Caring

With my many years’ experience of fostering orphaned animals, I should be used to it.. but it still breaks my heart every time..

I have now snuggled next to me.. a little kitten.. barely days old.. found with its umbilical cord intact.. abandoned in a box!




This little kitten was obviously separated from her mommy at birth.. by a human..

The most difficult and challenging cases with foster care are orphaned animals whose eyes have yet to open.. for that is when they are at the most crucial stage of their survival..

I cannot understand nor fathom the inhumane treatment and cruelty many humans are capable of inflicting on helpless and innocent beings.. to be able to separate a newborn from its mother and to leave it to die slowly on its own..

What sort of human being can actually act upon such senseless acts of hideous cruelty without any guilt or emotion?

So people.. PLEASE PLEASE NEUTER your pets if you choose not to care for your pets’ offsprings..

Please also consider neutering the strays in your environment.. Please sacrifice a little.. Please care and SEE the pain of the stray animals around you..

With the commencement of programs like the Friends of Felix, selflessly spearheaded by Najah and Melissa, to aid those who claim to care for the plight of the stray population.., you now can with assistance and guidance.. to make a difference..

Educate those around you.. because these indirect killings has to cease!

You are not worthy of the label “animal lover” if you choose inaction or temporary amnesia or partial blindness when encountering any cases of animal cruelty – direct or indirect.

Otherwise, at most.. you can only say that you have an appreciation or liking for animals..

Just like how I can say I appreciate or like Art. I really couldn’t care less if it’s a Picasso or Micasso hanging there on the wall.. and thus I can say I lack a true love for Art.

For how can you call yourself an animal lover but not feel anything or do anything when you see one suffering in front of your very eyes..

Please.. please cease with the excuses..

Inaction IS just as bad..

The point is to at least TRY to help..

Do what you can whenever you can wherever you can..

If what I’ve said touched or hit a raw nerve.. deal with it.. for I really don’t give a rat’s ass to the many great pretenders of the world..

So.. who have you helped today.. besides yourself?


To you.. I may be eccentric..
To me.. you have a raisin for a heart..


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