SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Big Babies For Adoption

Hello Everyone..

Remember Joan F of TTDI? The almost sixty year old lady caring for touching fifty cats in her home and another thirty or so outside her home..

These are a few of the cats under her care currently available for adoption..

All these cats have been neutered and vaccinated..

Her only request is that the successful potential adopters keep her cats indoor and love them as much as she has..

There will be no adoption fees but we at SCCARFS think it would be great if you could spare a bit to help Joan out..

Please call us at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project at (+6)03.5122.8386/ (+6)016.982.8639 or Joan at (+6)012.671.4678 for an appointment to view the cats..

Thanks so much, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project

blogimg_1170a.jpg blogimg_1173a.jpg blogimg_1183a.jpg

blogimg_1184a.jpg blogimg_1190a.jpg blogimg_1192a.jpg

blogimg_1195a.jpg blogimg_1197a.jpg blogimg_1199a.jpg

blogimg_1202a.jpg blogimg_1204a.jpg blogimg_1206a.jpg

blogimg_1211a.jpg blogimg_1213a.jpg blogimg_1226a.jpg

blogimg_1233a.jpg blogimg_1234a.jpg blogimg_1238a.jpg

blogimg_1242a.jpg blogimg_1246a.jpg blogimg_1247a.jpg

blogimg_1251a.jpg blogimg_1255a.jpg blogimg_1256a.jpg

blogimg_1260a.jpg blogimg_1263a.jpg blogimg_1271a.jpg

blogimg_1272a.jpg  blogimg_1273a.jpg  blogimg_1275a.jpg

blogimg_1276a.jpg  blogimg_1279a.jpg  blogimg_1284a.jpg

blogimg_1285a.jpg  blogimg_1287a.jpg  blogimg_1303a.jpg

blogimg_1307a.jpg blogimg_1311a.jpg blogimg_1315a.jpg

blogimg_1323a.jpg  blogimg_1328a.jpg  blogimg_1329a.jpg


Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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