Do What You Can

Hello Everyone..
Hi Grace..

All of us will always have something going on in our respective lives.. be it work issues, children matters, financial problems, living situations, moving plans, etc..

We all have our respective stresses and problems..

The idea is to do something.. anything.. to help when help is needed..

At least try..

Do what you can whenever you can wherever you can..

We will go on breathing and living regardless of our chosen action.. and it would be great to know that your life have touched many other lives in your lifetime..

Start with the ones needing help in front of you.. around you.. for example, the hungry strays…

Neuter one at a time.. at a pace that you can handle..

It is amazing what humans can do when they’ve put their mind to it..

So you see.. you can help.. if you want to..

Do as we did.. Just Do It!

Thanks, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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