SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Choose to Care

Hello Everyone..
Hi Melissa..

Thank you for your supportive words..

I’m very glad that Amber is settling well and is behaving herself. I hope that Jack is a good boy as well..

My warmest regards to Fazrul and Comel too..

What Melissa mentioned is true..

For every animal that is adopted from us, it gives us the space necessary besides releasing our resources to rescue and help another..

Therefore, in effect.. you ARE rescuing and helping too when you open your heart and home to a homeless animal..

No doubt we also practise a Catch, Neuter and Release Program.. but we at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project are comfortable only releasing neutered adult cats that already possess the experience and characteristics to handle the world out there..

We DO NOT feel comfortable releasing kittens and puppies, un-adopted adults that we’ve cared for since kittenhood and puppyhood, adults with timid characteristics and dogs.

Even that, we only release these selected animals to available Caring Community Members’ vicinity..

Basically these are friends who are willing to have the cats released in their home area and do not mind to continue feeding them..

However, these animals are NOT their pets.. only visiting neutered strays..

Occasionally, they also send strays that they came across to be neutered at their own expense.

THIS is the Catch, Neuter and Release Program that SCCARFS Pet Connection Project is advocating..

A network of animal lovers or supporters who do not mind sacrificing a bit of their time and money but care for the strays from afar..

There are many of us who already care for so many additional lives in their respective homes.. but at the same time wish to do more to help the others suffering out there..

So the idea is… to be actively involved in neutering the strays in your home environment besides just feeding them..

The strays do not ask for much…

And it is nothing that most of us cannot afford..

It truly is a matter of choice… Choose to care.. and a little bit of sacrifice for a better world..

Thanks so much, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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