SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Frustrating Limitations

Hello Everyone..

The SCCARFS Pet Connection Project basically grew from personal care and concern for the welfare of the stray animals..

We are individuals who were already rescuing and caring for many of the stray animals that crossed our paths for many years now..

As with some of you animal lovers, we had many dreams of the world being a better place for animals..

Unfortunately, the world that we currently live in is abound with unnecessary cruelty and disregard towards animals..

So we decided to combine our resources and skills and try to reach out further to help more stray animals..

The SCCARFS Pet Connection Project currently consists of a small group of individuals.

We are not an organization nor are we an animal shelter..

Every one of us have got individual full time jobs and responsibilities.. and we juggle SCCARFS Pet Connection Project admist our personal obligations and daily routine..

The SCCARFS Pet Connection Project is personally funded.

Therefore, as much we would like to be able to help all the animals that are suffering out there.. we are not in the position to..

Thus our motto which we have been preaching repeatedly.. Do what you can when you can wherever you can..

We have received many requests to take in animals found by others..

Please know and remember.. we are experiencing the same dilemma as you.. and more..

It breaks my heart to even hear about an animal suffering but our resources are truly limited.

If we were to combine all the cats that the four of us are currently caring for, inclusive of personal pets.. the number already exceed three digits..

So you see.. it’s not that we do not want to help..

It’s because we can only do so much.. without losing our hope and sanity..

And we really have been stretching our resources over the limit..

Thank you for understanding..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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