SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Inquisitive Cash

Cash is psychic..

He knows where you’re going before one even start moving towards that direction..

I had a glass door installed in between the kitchen and living area.. obviously to keep the cats in one place when necessary..

So wherever and whenever I am in the kitchen area.. just as I turn my body towards the glass door to head to other parts of the house.. Cash would scramble towards the doors too.. at such high speed.. and brakes immediately right at the door, almost skidding and knocking into the glass.

And he is really smart too..

Before… he would arrive at the door but it was still possible to let myself through without letting him in at the same time..

Nowadays.. he would position himself at the door in such a way that no matter how I try to pry the door without letting him through.. he squeezes through at the slightest opening and is streaking into the other parts of the house within seconds!

Lately, he has mastered the art of opening the glass door himself! I’ll post pictures of his break-in attempts later.

I would be in my study upstairs or in the living area and I would find him mewing his arrival.. before he gallantly attempts to pull himself up my chair or onto the couch..

This is a picture of Cash being very inquisitive..

He heard something and he just HAD to check it out himself..

Cats are funny like that.. My human household members laugh so much more because of the simple humour and joy that animals bring into our lives..

You would never understand it if you do not open your life to them.. Households with no love or place for animals miss out so so much..


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