Fear of Animals

Hello Everyone..

I have come across many people who expressed to me their fear of animals, even the domesticated types…

and my answer to them is..

You have more to fear of humans than animals.. for animals are not capable of malice and deceit..

If you are willing to get to know a person and allow a person to get close to you.. comparatively animals are easy peasy to love and provide guaranteed joy, love and laughter!

The second reason for their fear, I believe.. is that these people simply have no or little experience with animals…

We generally fear or shun what we do not know…

Tell me.. how could you not love a face like this..

And won’t you break out in smiles if you see this..

So you see.. it is just a matter of getting to know them.. and allowing them to get to know you too..

And you will discover after all.. that we have so little to fear of animals but so much more to gain from loving them..

Thank you so much, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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