SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Travelling Needs

Hello Everyone..

The SCCARFS Pet Connection Project Team travel around with a pet-carrier and pet-food in our cars at all times..

If we see an animal in need, we’ll stop the car.. hop out.. get the carrier out of the car boot and then try to catch the stray animal.

If the animal can’t fit into the carrier.. for example puppies and dogs, we then try scooping them to the safety of our car with our bare arms..

Of course, the operative word here is to at least TRY..

This is Cookie.. Cookie was rescued from beneath a car in a busy commercial area.

We have crossed major highways and jumped into big drains and little drains.. We’ve climbed trees, scaled over walls and traipsed across roofs..

If for whatever reason we’re unable to catch the animal, we then leave some food and water for them..

Most of the time, trying to coax and pacify the animal to not fear us and allow us to get close is a challenge and requires patience.. even if the clock is ticking and you may be late for an appointment..

It is a matter of priority.. A life.. or your time..

For us, a life in need outweighs our personal obligations anytime..

Many of us face such possible life altering choices (to the animal, that is) all the time..

Some realize the implications of walking away and doing nothing..

Some don’t..

Many just don’t care..

To realize but do nothing is already bad..

To NOT realize at all is just sad..

But to realize and not care.. that is just deplorable..

Thus SCCARFS’ motto is..

Some things worth doing is worth overdoing.


Do what you can whenever you can wherever you can.

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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