SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Basic Decency

Hello Everyone..
Hi Suzy..

With reference to Suzy’s comment, I must say that I have met many insensitive parents and insensitive children as well.. not necessarily related.. with NO regards whatsoever or basic decency to treat an animal right.. as a living breathing being that deserves nothing less..

I have also come across many animals, cats and dogs tied with various types of strings and wires too. I have even seen many of these animals suffering in silent pain and agony from the strings eating into their flesh and causing excruciating open flesh wounds.

Just recently, I saw a group of children playing.. They were gleefully burning alive insects while several others were treating a cat as a football.. Their parents were standing nearby.. and they did nothing to stop their kids’ acts of cruelty.

Therefore, the heavy burden of educating others and care for the victimized falls on the shoulders of those with a more heightened sense of responsibility and sensitivity..

It does seem like an uphill battle most time.. but for those who ARE able to feel the pain of others, it is YOUR responsibility to act for the weak.. for empathy is not a common characteristic in this world that we currently live in.

Thank you so much, everyone..
SCCARRFS Pet Connection Project


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