SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Partially Blind Kittens

Hello Everyone..

There’s a bit of sad news that I’d like to share about the previous kittens found in the drain..

Two of the kittens, Pentium and Pele is blind in one eye each. Clover’s one cornea is slightly damaged but she at least still can see with both eyes. They were obviously infected very badly with cat flu too through their mom and were not spared the negative effects.

They had to suffer from such an early stage in life..

And all because no one had the care or concern or brains to neuter their great grandparents/ nenek moyang.

Prevention IS better than cure..

Please, people.. NEUTER YOUR PETS!!

There’s simply NO excuse IF you’re NOT gonna care or be responsible for all the offsprings..

Prevention of cruelty DOES begin with YOU!!

Think about it, if you choose not to neuter your pets and allow them to randomly procreate.. the kittens that end up as strays are your responsibility too..

And if they suffer in any way.. it’s all YOUR fault! Yup, you’re 100% to be blamed!

So do the humane thing.. please neuter ALL your pets..

Remember.. the onus IS on us humans to make the world a better place..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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