SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Intel, Pentium, Clover & Pele

Hello Everyone..
Hi Rozita..

As per Rozita’s request.. I present to you Intel, Pentium, Clover and Pele..

They were all rescued from a gushing drain while their mum was dying nearby from cat flu, too weak to heed their calls.

We managed to catch their mum and rushed her to the nearest vet then but it was too late.

It wasnt too long before the kittens figured out that food (milk in a bottle) now comes from above.. since they had to live inside a box initially, courtesy of DHL. So they were like baby birds chirping for food and attention each time someone hovered nearby the box.

Intel, the all white one, at first displayed very intelligent traits and so we wrote on the box cover.. “Intel Inside!”

But soon after, we realised that his sisters were way smarter and that Intel was not so smart after all.. and so we had to change the words on the box to “Intel NOT Inside!”

Thank you so much, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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