SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Sya’s SOS Plea

Hello Everyone..

We came across Sya’s SOS plea to help a very pregnant momma cat some time in November last year..

We at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project decided to help by boarding and caring for the momma cat till she has given birth to her cargo of kittens. This includes her food, basic medication and veterinary care for the whole family.

Sya will be responsible for the spaying costs of the momma and initial vaccinations for the whole jin-gang..

After which, we will work together to find homes for all the kittens and releasing the momma behind Sya’s home if we’re unable to re-home her after our three months re-homing policy.

Momma popped her load in the early hours of December to four beautiful and boisterous kittens..

And as of this week, we have an offer to adopt the whole family once the vet, Dr Loh Pit Khim, has given the green light for release after momma’s surgery, which is scheduled for end of January/ early February 2006..

Great news, huh?

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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