SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Angels and Updates

Hello Everyone..
Hi Carebear, Momo and Lesley..

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement..

We at SCCARFS have been really busy lately.. thus the lack of updates..

Lots have happened but we can only share a fraction of the news, challenges and excitement due to time constraints..

Faizah’s sister, Fazilah (aka Zizi) and her friend, Halim.. came by to collect the two big bags of cat food that SCCARFS has pledged to them to assist in the care of their forty cats..

And you know what.. ANGELS come in many forms!

Halim and Zizi were very kind to assist US instead in some unfinished carpentry work for a huge walk-in cage that we were planning.

Thanks, Zizi and Halim.. We at SCCARFS are very grateful for your help that evening..

This is yet another example of what we at SCCARFS believe in.. The beauty and magic in giving… with no cables attached!!

Then, we had to wait for Sya to arrive with her sister and the pregnant cat that she was distressed over.

Please bear in mind that SCCARFS generally do not take in strays from others but we do consider the situation on a case to case basis..

Anyway, the deal we made with Sya was that we would care for the momma cat till she has birthed and nursed her kittens, after which Sya will be responsible for the spaying of the momma cat and finding new homes for the kittens.

The momma cat will be cared under SCCARFS’ CNR Program and is scheduled for release outside Sya’s home after she has fully healed from the surgery..

By the way, Sya.. momma won’t pop her load till about another two weeks or so.. and she is currently adapting well to her new temporary home..

Alli dropped by with her family to visit Mogwai..

Mogwai was estatic with all the cuddles and love that Alli was showering upon her.

Alli will also be adopting two of the kittens under Nora’s care..

Thanks, Alli..

Chester went home with Meen’s brother.. but we have just received news that Kobe may not be too pleased with Chester’s arrival..

Apparently, fur has been flying..

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Meen’s Chester and Kobe..

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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