SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Introducing Madison

Hello Everyone..

This is Madison..

Madison is Magic’s bini tua..

Madison is a tough cookie but she loves only Magic. I’ve seen her smack at dogs and attack other cats.

Madison is very “jantan”.. though she does look very feminine.

She’ll mark your property too if you’re not looking, which is rather odd since that is very uncharacteristic of a female.. what more a spayed female cat..

Despite her tough attitude, she does display very feminine characteristics.

She walks like a lithe and limber model on those skinny and long legs of hers and typical of most females, Madison has a shoe fetish too..

I did attempt to point out to her that she has rather appalling taste in shoes but she just gave me a dirty look.

Madison also understands the goodness of aromatherapy as shown in the picture of her sitting in my pot of curry leaves.. R.I.P. my curry leaf plant..

Have a great day, everyone..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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