SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Magic’s Lessons

Hello Everyone..
Hi Horatio..

The red/ orange one is called Magic.. and he was the one who taught me the importance of neutering ALL your pets..

Magic came to me as an adult. At that time, I had already started neutering many animals, not just my own but the strays too..

But for some reason, I felt bad for Magic.. and thinking that he was already an older cat.. I left him and only him alone..

Tis a bad choice, Su..

I can assure you Dr Lynn berated me repeatedly for that..

Anyway, to cut a long story short.. I now have more than one orange cat to worry about.

When you love your pets, you’ll recognise their faces and I KNEW which orange cat was a product of Magic’s libido just by looking at them..

So.. old or not.. snip snip chop chop..

I now neuter ALL animals.. regardless of age, size, etc..

Once they are old enough.. for the females, approximately above six months old.. and for the males, between eight months to a year old.. SPAY SPAY NEUTER NEUTER..

Because if an animal you care for produces more.. the extras are indirectly YOUR responsibility too..

.. and by the way, people.. in case you’ve not realised it.. Magic is a BOY cat!!

.. and YES, you are still responsible when your darling boy goes out and decides to spread his seeds and create little Magics..

Thank you so much, everyone..
Thanks, H..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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