SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – External CNR Proposal

Hello Everyone..
(With reference to Catalina’s Neuter and Release Program Thread)

The SCCARFS Pet Connection Project was born out of love and passion for the stray animals..

We at SCCARFS have been hurting on behalf of the strays for a long time now..

We actually feel pain when we see an animal suffer.

Thus our decision to do what we’re doing now.. all at our own expense.. our time, our resources, our money.. without any unnecessary and distracting human issues..

And I think we’ve been doing a bloody good job at it too..

So we know what the word “sacrifice” encompass.. cos we try living it every single day..

Just in case you do not know, sacrifice, to us, means sacrificing one’s limited resources without expecting any benefit.

And I can assure you, we at SCCARFS sacrifice a huge chunk of our resources for these animals..

So, if we sound proud.. hell yeah we are..

We are proud to do what we do and we are really happy to give.. no matter how much.. from the little that we have..

To those who were interested in attending the meeting this Saturday.. you are welcomed to visit US at the SCCARFS hideaway in Kota Kemuning and see what we’re already doing instead..

Then you’ll understand better our dos and don’ts, our goals and principles..

Come visit us.. but do call first to let me know that you’re coming..

Thank you so much, everyone..
.. and Have a great day!!

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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