SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – External CNR Proposal

Hello Everyone..

I can assure you all that no one person is a factor in our decision of refraining to actively participate in other CNR Programs..

Let’s leave emotion and sensitivity aside as our main concern is about the welfare of the stray animals.

We at SCCARFS fear that we may not be able to cope if we attempt to be involved in other projects as we have always worked at a pace that we were comfortable with and since SCCARFS Pet Connection Project is a personal passion.. it is likened to a hobby..

It just so happen that we have taken our very-expensive-no-profit-hobby to a much larger scale than most others would..

So, everyone.. contribute all that you can to any programs or projects of your choice.

Everyone’s contribution is invaluable.. It doesn’t matter where the contributions go so long as the animals benefit..

You have our word that we at SCCARFS will always do whatever we can whenever we can wherever we can.. but at a pace and scale that will not negatively overwhelm us..

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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