SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – Please Note

Hi Everyone..

To all who may not be aware of it..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project ALREADY rescue, feed, care, medicate, neuter, spay, groom, entertain, foster, rehome, release.. and much more.. stray animals…. and we have been doing so for many many years..

It’s only in the last few years that we decided to give what we do a label, thus the birth of the reference SCCARFS Pet Connection Project..

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project commenced as a personal passion to help the ever increasing stray animals and will likely remain so till the end of our days.. Even then, we are making contingency plans for the continuance and growth of the Project!

To all those who know us and would like to be a part of our team.. we thank you and welcome you..

To all those who would like to contribute, be it financially or in kind, we thank you for your kind generousity..

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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