SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – External CNR Proposal

Hello Everyone..

(With reference to Catalina’s Neuter and Release Program Thread)

SCCARFS Pet Connection Project adopt a no-kill policy..

But then again, we’re not a full blown animal shelter like SPCA..

However, we WILL put to sleep any animal that is seriously suffering or dying, but only the ones that we’re unable to help or save.

We DO NOT put to sleep healthy animals.. NOT even the sick ones.. as in the case of the fella with mange..

But please do remember that SCCARFS Pet Connection Project is a personal project that started out as a personal quest to help the stray population.. and we still are..

We currently do and have done everything on our own with little or no help from the public..

But that’s okay cos we like giving..

And we have every right to be proud of what we do.. cos we did what we can whenever we can wherever we can..

We did it!! Just Do It!!

Therefore, we would appreciate all who would like to participate in our project to support us in what we’re already doing and NOT detract or de-rail us.

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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