SCCARFS Pet Connection Project – External CNR Proposal

Hi Everyone..
(With reference to Catalina’s Neuter and Release Program Thread)

This would be a very rough plan with regards to the above thread’s proposal..

We at SCCARFS Pet Connection Project can tell you how many cats can be neutered for the amount collected..

For example, for RM200.. you can neuter about four male cats OR three female cats.. and even that would need to be partially subsidized by SCCARFS, based on the quality of the surgical materials and drugs that we use.

The rates offered by SPCA are low. I can assure you at those rates, the surgeries ARE partially subsidized by SPCA. Because cost alone of surgical materials already exceed the rates listed. So SPCA is doing the best they can!!

We will absorb the cost of housing, feeding, medicating for other medical issues (provided not too serious), daily care, general grooming, etc.. until they are released.. that is if we’re first unable to find them a home.

But please do remember.. we at SCCARFS are already doing all of the above..

The contribution will help us reach out and help more animals.. since we are currently a personally funded project..

What we can do is to post the pictures of animals neutered and released to all involved..

We would, however, like all the details about the animals’ welfare to be worked out beforehand.. like where they’ll go after that, etc..

If possible, we would like them released at the backyard of an animal lover or volunteer who will at least feed them and provide general basic care..

Or if someone can help send the animals to animal sanctuaries where they can spend their remaining lives in peace..

All these needs to be considered as well..

Let’s do this and let’s do this well!!

Thank you so much, everyone..

Yours sincerely,
SCCARFS Pet Connection Project


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